The Confederate flag? My personal story

Here is another story from a flag merchant who has reconsidered the Confederate flag.  Originally posted on Peter Orenski's TMEALF mailing list. The Confederate flag? My personal story, not great, but clear enough. by Lee L Herold, 27 June 2015 In 1967 I was fresh out of college, waiting for active duty in the US Navy… Continue reading The Confederate flag? My personal story

Annie Platoff on the air

Flag scholar and NAVA vice president Annie Platoff was on the Pacifica radio network yesterday discussing vexillology, the Confederate flag, roots of people's attachment to flags, the Apollo flags on the moon, and Russian and Ukrainian flags.  She was a guest on Brad Friedman's "BradCast" at  (Skip 8:40 into the broadcast to hear the flag segment.)

Flag Merchants React to Confederate Flag Tipping Point

As anyone remotely interested in flags knows, this week has seen a tremendous amount of public interest in Confederate flags and their changing meanings -- scrutiny and re-evaluation that has resulted in prominent retailers like Walmart and major flag manufacturers like Annin announcing they will no longer carry these flags.  (For comprehensive coverage, see Richard Gideon's… Continue reading Flag Merchants React to Confederate Flag Tipping Point

Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

from Vexilloid Tabloid #52 Note: "Flutterings" — notes from the editor on our last meeting — is a regular feature in The Vexilloid Tabloid. May Flutterings You Need to Know In our May meeting, hosted by John Schilke, 18 PFA members and guests enjoyed a lively 3-hour evening of flags and other wide-ranging topics.  As the host,… Continue reading Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

The US Flag in the 20th Century (2nd half)

19 September 1952 The Adventures of Superman begins airing on American television, following an undocumented alien immigrant as he fights "the never-ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way".  The famous opening sequence ends with George Reeves standing before a US flag, somehow briskly flying in outer space.  In less than 20 years, fiction will become… Continue reading The US Flag in the 20th Century (2nd half)

Richard Gideon’s American Vexillum™

Richard R. Gideon is a flag maker and retailer in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who since 2003 has been publishing American Vexillum™ Magazine (AVm). It started out as a monthly print publication, from 2003 to 2006, before moving online as a quarterly. Since 2012 it has been supplemented with daily updates of "topical news items of interest… Continue reading Richard Gideon’s American Vexillum™

What’s that Flag? (from VexTab #37)

By Patrick Genna This quiz was popped on PFA members at the November [2012] meeting. Answers in the next issue... [Vexilloid Tabloid #38] Name the U.S. state flag which... has a constellation has a pelican has a walking bear has a Union Jack is similar to the Dutch flag but with a charge is similar… Continue reading What’s that Flag? (from VexTab #37)

Hip Hop and the Confederate Flag

No survey of flags in hip hop would be complete without acknowledging the controversial use by rappers, from time to time, of the Confederate flag.  Two years ago this topic gained a great deal of attention when Kanye West put the flag on his clothing and merchandise while touring to promote his 2013 album Yeezus.… Continue reading Hip Hop and the Confederate Flag

Mississippi’s Magnolia Flags

From Historical Flags of Our Ancestors Vexillologist Clay Moss has published a new essay about once and possibly future flags of the state of Mississippi.  He writes: As the current Mississippi flag has been burdened with controversy, particularly through the last quarter century, there has always been the idea that Mississippi's Magnolia flag might again someday… Continue reading Mississippi’s Magnolia Flags