Your Flag (Is Wack)

Heath Cottengim has created this epic vexillological rap video.  Enjoy.   Download: Lyrics: [Hook: Heath Cottengim] Your flag is wack, your flag is wack, your flag is wack Belgium just Germany taking a nap I’d take it all back If you’d just change the flag I be on the attack ‘Cause your flag is… Continue reading Your Flag (Is Wack)


Flosstradamus is a highly vexilliferous Trap music duo from Chicago with followers who deem themselves HDYNATION (Hoodie Nation, after the DJs' 2011 decision to rebrand their look by wearing black hoodies and sweatpants).  The HDYNATION flag is a black-and-white version of the US flag with the stars replaced by a "general warning" sign comprising an exclamation point within a triangle.… Continue reading The Flag of HDYNATION

The US Flag in the 21st Century

31 October 2000 American hip hop duo Outkast release their fouth studio album, Stankonia.  The iconic album cover consists of Big Boi and André 3000 posing in front of a huge, black-and-white US flag with inverted stars: the funkified flag of Stankonia (which actually was manufactured and hung on the wall in their Atlanta studios).  (For more,… Continue reading The US Flag in the 21st Century

Hip Hop and the Confederate Flag

No survey of flags in hip hop would be complete without acknowledging the controversial use by rappers, from time to time, of the Confederate flag.  Two years ago this topic gained a great deal of attention when Kanye West put the flag on his clothing and merchandise while touring to promote his 2013 album Yeezus.… Continue reading Hip Hop and the Confederate Flag

Outkast’s Stankonia flag

OutKast are a celebrated hip hop duo from Atlanta.  For their critically acclaimed 2000 album Stankonia, in what became an iconic image, they appear on the cover in front of a huge black and white variant of the US flag, with inverted stars. Paste magazine ranked it 21st in their list, The 25 Best Album Covers of… Continue reading Outkast’s Stankonia flag

Machine Gun Kelly: Raise the Flag

Hip hop has a thing about flags.  This week, we'll look at some examples.  Here is a music video by American rapper Richard Colson Baker, known as MGK (Machine Gun Kelly).  The song is Raise the Flag (uncensored). Official video, directed by JR Saint. Published on Oct 14, 2014.  Currently has over 3.8 million views.… Continue reading Machine Gun Kelly: Raise the Flag