Flag Quotes

In Vexilloid Tabloid #37 Ted Kaye wrote: When I assumed the interim editorship of this publication after John Hood died, I found that the most difficult task wasn’t writing up the “Flutterings” after each meeting, or gathering and formatting photos, or soliciting and editing submissions from other members, or laying out the issue. The toughest […]

What’s that Flag? (from VexTab #37)

By Patrick Genna This quiz was popped on PFA members at the November [2012] meeting. Answers in the next issue… [Vexilloid Tabloid #38] Name the U.S. state flag which… has a constellation has a pelican has a walking bear has a Union Jack is similar to the Dutch flag but with a charge is similar […]

Vexilloid Tabloids!

Have you been missing The Vexilloid Tabloid? The webmaster dropped the ball, but now has it back in play: Numbers 36, 37, and (the latest issue) 38 are now online. Here are some highlights: The Vexilloid Tabloid #38, February 2013 (PDF, 1.7MB) A Fine for NOT Flying a Flag (Ted Kaye) Flags for TV Shows (Jason Sturgill) […]