Face Flags of Washington, Part 1: State of Washington

The state flag of Washington stands out among its brethren:  not only is it uniquely green, it uniquely bears the likeness of an actual person.  People appear on many US state flags, but other than on Washington's they stand for generic farmers, pioneers, etc. (Many believe the figures on Kentucky's flag are Daniel Boone and Henry… Continue reading Face Flags of Washington, Part 1: State of Washington

Mississippi Flag Initiatives

Last November we wrote about the Flag for All Mississippians Coalition (NewMSFlag.org) and contentious efforts underway in the Magnolia State to change the current state flag, the only state flag to include the Confederate battle flag.  Here is an update. The NewMSFlag people are currently collecting signatures to qualify The Flag for All Mississippians Act​ as Initiative… Continue reading Mississippi Flag Initiatives

A Flag for All Mississippians

According to its designer the state flag of Mississippi includes the Confederate battle flag in order to "perpetuate in a legal and lasting way that dear battle flag under which so many of our people had so gloriously fought".  Dating back to 1894, the design has certainly lasted -- 121 years so far. In the widespread backlash against… Continue reading A Flag for All Mississippians

Flags in the Hierarchy of Pride

Michael Green is a designer, self-proclaimed Flag Geek, and author of the excellent Branding the Nations blog on Medium.com.  In his posting on (the sad state of) US state flags, The Good, the "Meh" and the Ugly, he asks a fundamental question that is too often taken for granted in discussions, debates, and contests about… Continue reading Flags in the Hierarchy of Pride

Mississippi’s Magnolia Flags

From Historical Flags of Our Ancestors Vexillologist Clay Moss has published a new essay about once and possibly future flags of the state of Mississippi.  He writes: As the current Mississippi flag has been burdened with controversy, particularly through the last quarter century, there has always been the idea that Mississippi's Magnolia flag might again someday… Continue reading Mississippi’s Magnolia Flags