Mississippi’s Magnolia Flags

From Historical Flags of Our Ancestors

A possible flag for Mississippi with a design based on the military colors of a Confederate regiment knows as the Burt Rifles.
A possible future flag for Mississippi.  The design is based on the military colors of a Confederate regiment known as the Burt Rifles.

Vexillologist Clay Moss has published a new essay about once and possibly future flags of the state of Mississippi.  He writes:

As the current Mississippi flag has been burdened with controversy, particularly through the last quarter century, there has always been the idea that Mississippi’s Magnolia flag might again someday be adopted as the state’s flag. This document briefly examines the seven Magnolia flags that we are aware of today and provides a speculative look at what a possible new state flag might look like based on the original. More could possibly be rediscovered in the future, but for now, these are the ones we know about.

Read Moss’ essay here or here.

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