Next Meeting

Patrick Genna will host the next meeting of the Portland Flag Association will be at 7 PM, Thursday, 12 January 2023, in the community room of Silvercrest Apartments, 1865 NE Davis St, Portland.

We look forward to seeing those of you who have missed recent meetings, and hear some new stories, see some different flags, and engage in provocative flag-related discussion. Newcomers welcome!

If you can’t get to the meeting,  perhaps you can give the editor something to share with readers of our next newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid.

Note: In 2023, by request, we will have some daytime meetings on weekends. If not shown in the following list, the meeting will be at 7 PM on a Thursday evening as usual. The 2023 meeting schedule is: January 12 — March 9 — 1 PM on Sunday, May 14 — July 13 — 1 PM on Saturday, September 9 — and November 9.