New Flags for Australia’s States?

by Max Liberman, Vexilloid Tabloid #58 In 2001, Australian vexillographer Brendan Jones produced a series of intriguing proposals for new Australian state flags. The designs follow the pattern established by the flags of the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory: the southern cross from the national flag in a panel at the hoist, and an emblem […]

Vexilloid Tabloid #58

The latest issue of the PFA newsletter is here:  The Vexilloid Tabloid #58 (June 2016). Featuring: Introduction: NZ, VT, and Albany (Ted Kaye) A U.S. Canton Honoring Alaska (Michael Orelove) A Flag for the Other Portland (Ted Kaye) Czech Municipal Flags (interview with Petr Exner by Scott Mainwaring) Redesigning the U.S. Flag (Scott Mainwaring) New Flags for Australia’s […]

Pride, Unity, and Flag Design

In Vexilloid Tabloid #57 we reported on a research project by Australian high school senior Max Pickering.  Since then, he has interviewed a number of vexillologists; conducted surveys of residents of his home town of Adelaide, South Australia; and revised his research question to the following: To what extent does the design of a flag […]

Xavier Rudd & The United Nations: Flag

Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer-songwriter who recently brought together musicians from Australia, Germany, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and South Africa to form the band United Nations.  Their reggae song Flag leads off their latest album Nanna. The video is built around images of white flags — the white flag of peace, not surrender. […]

Aboriginal Flag First Flown 44 Years Ago Today

From Ausflag‘s page on the (Australian) Aboriginal Flag: The Aboriginal Flag was designed by Harold Thomas, an artist and an Aboriginal, in 1971. The flag was designed to be an eye-catching rallying symbol for the Aboriginal people and a symbol of their race and identity. The black represents the Aboriginal people, the red the earth […]

Roundup (from VexTab #52)

From Vexilloid Tabloid #52 Note: “Roundup” — of flag related items sent to the editor — is a regular feature in The Vexilloid Tabloid. Finally, coming up this year are two major vexillological events.  PFA members will attend both!

Redesigning Union Jack-based Flags

In the past few years the British Union Jack and flags that incorporate it have been matters of public interest and debate.  Fiji and New Zealand, and, to a lesser extent, Australia and the UK are or have been reconsidering the suitability of their existing flags.  Only Tuvalu appears resolute in keeping the Union Jack on its flag. Taking these […]

Flags of the Vietnam War

On this 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, here is a look at some of its flags. The flag of Vietnam, a large yellow star on a field of red, has a simple, bold design.  Designed in 1940 for an uprising against French colonial rule, Ho Chi Minh proclaimed it the flag of the […]

Arboreal Flags

A popular flag in Portland is the “Doug Flag” of Cascadia, a favorite of the Timbers Army and secessionist Pacific Northwesterners. Let’s look at some of its neighbors – tree flags of the world. Lebanon Cedar Norfolk Island Pine Fir Oak Magnolia Palmetto White Pine Mythological Unknown

Musical White Flags

The white flag of surrender is a recurring motif in popular music. Here is a brief survey, courtesy of YouTube: Our first and most popular musical white flag was a 2003 pop hit by Dido with a video featuring Whedonverse actor David Boreanaz.  “White flag” appears in the chorus:  I will go down with this ship / And […]