What’s that Flag? (from VexTab #37)

By Patrick Genna

This quiz was popped on PFA members at the November [2012] meeting.

Answers in the next issue… [Vexilloid Tabloid #38]

Name the U.S. state flag which…

  1. has a constellation
  2. has a pelican
  3. has a walking bear
  4. has a Union Jack
  5. is similar to the Dutch flag but with a charge
  6. is similar to the French flag but with a charge
  7. is based on the Stars and Bars
  8. has a Confederate Battle flag
  9. looks like a dollar bill
  10. has a sun as its charge
  11. has a palmetto tree
  12. has the letters “NC” (this question is like the “free” space in BINGO)
  13. has a copper star
  14. has a saltire (two states)
  15. is pennant-shaped
  16. has a buff-colored field
  17. has an anchor
  18. has a torch
  19. has a tribal shield
  20. has a buffalo
  21. is sometimes confused with the flag of Chile
  22. has a “diamond” (two states)
  23. has the word “REPUBLIC” on it
  24. is truly heraldic
  25. is quartered

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