Latest blog post: Vexilloid Tabloid #94

The 94th edition of our bimonthly newsletter is here! Alden Jencks unveils the flag of Aab. Michael Orelove finds flagginess in a time capsule from 2002. Alex Zimmerman travels to the vexilliferous city of Helsingborg, Sweden. Plus articles on Lewis & Clark’s Indian Peace Flag, White Ensigns, supporting Ukrainians in Warsaw, and reductive vs. additive design elements, Mike Thomas has a new What’s That Flag? quiz to ponder, and as always, we summarize the show-and-tell from our last meeting, keep track of Portland flag sightings, and present other flag-related items of interest. (Pictured: David Anchel and John Ingle unfurl a rare, unofficial 42-star US flag.)

We are a group of vexillologists and flag enthusiasts in Portland, Oregon. The PFA started meeting in 1995, as has grown to be the the largest flag group in the US and Canada, outside of NAVA (the bi-national association).

We meet every other month for roundtable discussion and everyone is welcome — if you find yourself in the Portland area on the 2nd Thursday of an odd numbered month, please join us. After each meeting we put out a newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid, posted here and sent out to a large email list (contact editor@portlandflag.org to be put on the list). The Vexilloid Tabloid summarizes the discussion at our meeting, but contains much more: essays, news items, the What’s That Flag quiz, and more. Check it out!

We also blog from time to time.

Every October 1st (or thereabouts), we celebrate World Vexillology Day with a flag display in downtown Portland’s Salmon Street Springs.

PFA joined the International Federation of Vexillological Associations (FIAV) in 2013. In order to join we needed to have a paying membership. So it now costs $1 for a lifetime membership in the PFA. (There is no need to be a member to attend any of our events or to receive our newsletter.)

There are so many different ways to be interested in flags, and things to discuss about them — we try to cover them all. If you have a flag-related item to share, please send it to Ted Kaye, the Vexilloid Tabloid editor, at editor@portlandflag.org.