Flags in The Force Awakens

Flags make a couple of brief appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One is in this scene that draws upon the Nuremberg rally imagery from Lene Riefenstahl’s infamous Nazi propaganda film, 1935’s Triumph of the Will: The flag in the background belongs to the First Order, featuring its emblem of 16 bars radially arranged within […]

More Star Wars Fan Flags

Scott Kelly isn’t the only Star Wars fan who has been hard at work designing flags.  This month’s flag design contest in Reddit’s /r/vexillology community had this prompt: It is a period of flag design. Aspiring vexillographers, illustrating from around the world, have won victories throughout the year. During this month, your task is to […]

Flags of the (Star Wars) Galaxy

Earlier in the year we wished May the Fourth Be With You, and now for some reason Star Wars flags are back on our minds… London-based New Zealander Scott Kelly’s labor of love — to design a flag for the “around 300 planets named over all of the Star Wars universe, from movies to comic […]

A Flag for Pluto

by Scott Mainwaring, Vexilloid Tabloid #53 On 13 July the New Horizons probe sent an image of Pluto dominated by Tombaugh Regio, a large feature informally called “the heart”. Inspired, I created a flag for Pluto: its astrological symbol in orange-brown (its overall color), in a white heart, on black (for space). I chose the […]

Flags and the Apollo 11 Launch

Gregory Cecil has a nice piece today in Spaceflight Insider on symbolism and the first moon landing, commemorating the 46th anniversary of launch of Apollo 11. Two NASA photos in the piece feature flags.  The first is a famous double-exposure showing the ascending Saturn V and the American flag: The second shows Johnson and Agnew amidst a sea […]

Annie Platoff on the air

Flag scholar and NAVA vice president Annie Platoff was on the Pacifica radio network yesterday discussing vexillology, the Confederate flag, roots of people’s attachment to flags, the Apollo flags on the moon, and Russian and Ukrainian flags.  She was a guest on Brad Friedman’s “BradCast” at bradblog.com/?p=11241.  (Skip 8:40 into the broadcast to hear the flag segment.)

The MTV Flag on the Moon

Six years before Andy Warhol made Moonwalk, the creators of MTV went to the same Apollo material to announce their presence to the world on 1 August 1981: Here’s what they said about their decision to “rip apart” a “holy” image in order to make their point: MTV’s parody of the Apollo 11 flag salute […]

Andy Warhol, NASA, and the Making of “Moonwalk”

Moonwalk is one of Andy Warhol’s last works, produced shortly before his death in 1987 and never signed.  There are two regular edition versions, one in yellow, one in pink. There were also 66 trial proofs, each unique. One example: It is easy to think that this is Warhol drawing and painting over a famous NASA photograph […]

The International Flag of Planet Earth

For his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications project at Beckmans College of Design in Stockholm, Sweden, Oskar Pernefeldt has produced a very slick set of marketing materials for an “official proposal” for “the International Flag of Planet Earth“.  On May 18th, Jacob Kastrenakes posted on The Verge a writeup entitled, with needless belligerency, This is the flag we’ll plant […]