Mississippi Furling

By Ted Kaye Vexilloid Tabloid #72 Pressure to change the state flag  of Mississippi continues, from  inside and outside the state. Multiple independent efforts proceed within Mississippi.  The most prominent, the proposal by Laurin Stennis, has the support of the largest flag retailer in Jackson and the “Stennis Flag Flyers” group.  Design student Chase Quarterman… Continue reading Mississippi Furling

Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina

by Ted Kaye Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, could really use a change of topic when it comes to flags. As the focal point for display of the Confederate Battle Flag in the South, the city hosted a turning point in the fractious debate, with the removal of the flag from the Confederate… Continue reading Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina

Mississippi Flag Initiatives

Last November we wrote about the Flag for All Mississippians Coalition (NewMSFlag.org) and contentious efforts underway in the Magnolia State to change the current state flag, the only state flag to include the Confederate battle flag.  Here is an update. The NewMSFlag people are currently collecting signatures to qualify The Flag for All Mississippians Act​ as Initiative… Continue reading Mississippi Flag Initiatives

A Flag for All Mississippians

According to its designer the state flag of Mississippi includes the Confederate battle flag in order to "perpetuate in a legal and lasting way that dear battle flag under which so many of our people had so gloriously fought".  Dating back to 1894, the design has certainly lasted -- 121 years so far. In the widespread backlash against… Continue reading A Flag for All Mississippians

Flutterings (from VexTab #53)

from Vexilloid Tabloid #53 Note: "Flutterings" — notes from the editor on our last meeting — is a regular feature in The Vexilloid Tabloid. July Flutterings You Need to Know In our July meeting, hosted by Ted Kaye, 16 PFA members enjoyed a lively 3+-hour evening of flags and other wide-ranging topics.  As the host, Ted led the… Continue reading Flutterings (from VexTab #53)

The Confederate Flag Flap

by Ted Kaye, Vexilloid Tabloid #53 In June, the flag world witnessed a huge shift in attitudes toward the Confederate Battle Flag.  Following the race-based shootings in Charleston, South Carolina, public opinion moved swiftly toward removing the flag from public displays and from merchant shelves. “Few emblems in American history have provoked stronger passions than… Continue reading The Confederate Flag Flap

Ted Kaye on the Confederate Flag’s Design

Ted Kaye was interviewed as part of Corinne Segal's piece yesterday in PBS NewsHour Art Beat, What the Confederate flag's design says about its legacy. Some excerpts: In 1861, the National Flag Committee of the Confederate States of America wrote its official guidelines for flag design: A flag should be simple, readily made, and capable of… Continue reading Ted Kaye on the Confederate Flag’s Design

Need More Confederate Flag News and Commentary?

In addition to looking at old NAVA publications (see above), and perusing Richard Gideon’s American Vexillum™ compendium, you should also check out the Confederate Flag section on Flipboard.  Here are some postings that appeared there yesterday: Sophia Tesfaye in Salon, 8 July: A staggering number of Republicans support the Confederate flag, new poll finds Jenny Jarvie in the… Continue reading Need More Confederate Flag News and Commentary?

The Confederate flag? My personal story

Here is another story from a flag merchant who has reconsidered the Confederate flag.  Originally posted on Peter Orenski's TMEALF mailing list. The Confederate flag? My personal story, not great, but clear enough. by Lee L Herold, 27 June 2015 In 1967 I was fresh out of college, waiting for active duty in the US Navy… Continue reading The Confederate flag? My personal story