Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

from Vexilloid Tabloid #52 Note: "Flutterings" — notes from the editor on our last meeting — is a regular feature in The Vexilloid Tabloid. May Flutterings You Need to Know In our May meeting, hosted by John Schilke, 18 PFA members and guests enjoyed a lively 3-hour evening of flags and other wide-ranging topics.  As the host,… Continue reading Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

A New Flag for Fiji—A Work in Progress

by Ted Kaye, in Vexilloid Tabloid #52 In February, Fiji’s recently-elected prime minister announced that the country would change the flag to remove the colonial symbols it had borne since its adoption at independence in 1970. Aiming to raise a new flag on independence day, 10 October 2015, he set an ambitious schedule: A flag-design contest… Continue reading A New Flag for Fiji—A Work in Progress

Vexilloid Tabloid #52

The Vexilloid Tabloid #52 (June 2015) is here!  The issue features: A New Flag for Fiji—A Work in Progress (Ted Kaye) US State Flag People: A Quiz (Scott Mainwaring) Oregon Flag Registry Update Washington Redux (Michael Orelove) And as always you'll find Flags in the News (news stories featuring flags), Flutterings (highlights from the last PFA meeting), and Portland Flag Miscellany… Continue reading Vexilloid Tabloid #52