Municipal Flag Improvement

Thanks in large part to a popular 2015 TED talk by Roman Mars (and Ted Kaye) on the shortcomings of many city flag designs, there are efforts in many US (and two Canadian) cities, towns, or other municipalities to improve their flag designs — or to adopt flags for the first time.

Here are the 60 efforts we know about so far: Aberdeen, WAAlbany, ORAlbuquerque, NM; Atlanta, GA; Austin, TX; Bath, ME; Barrington, RIBellingham, WA; Billings, MT; Birmingham, AL; Bloomington, IN; Boston, MA; Bowling Green, KY; Bryan, TX; Cedar Park, TXCleveland, OH; Clovis, NMColumbia, MO; Columbus, OHDallas, TX; El Paso, TX; Fargo, ND; Golden, COGrand Rapids, MI; Harrison, OHHunstville, AL; Janesville, WI; Joplin, MOKingston, NY; Laconia, NHLancaster, PA; Liberty, TXLos Angeles, CA; Lowell, MA; Manchester, NHManlius, NY; Miami, FLMilwaukee, WIMinneapolis, MN; Naperville, ILOklahoma City, OK; Philadelphia, PAPocatello, ID; Portland, ME; Provo, UT; Raleigh, NC; Republic, MO; Rochester, MN; Salem, OR; San Francisco, CA; San Marcos, TX; Sault Ste. Marie, ONSioux Falls, SD; South Bend, IN; Springfield, MOSunnyvale, TX; Syracuse, NY; Tampa, FL; Vancouver, WA; and Victoria, BC. Forty-eight of these efforts are ongoing. For the 12 cities of Aberdeen, Albany, Bath, Columbia, Golden, Harrison, Janesville, Liberty, Provo, Sault Ste. Marie, South Bend, and Sunnyvale efforts have succeeded in new flags being adopted.  Click click here for a map of all these efforts.

The following are the current flags (if any) for each municipality. If the design effort is centered around a single proposal, it is also shown. Click the city name to learn more about the redesign effort, including multiple proposals that may be under consideration.

Aberdeen, Washington:

no previous flag
Aberdeen, Washington
new flag, adopted 29 June 2016

Albany, Oregon:

no previous flag
Confluence and Crossroads, the flag of Albany, Oregon
new flag, adopted 10 August 2016

Albuquerque, New Mexico:

Albuquerque, New Mexico.
current flag, adopted 1969
proposed flag

Atlanta, Georgia:

Atlanta, Georgia
current flag

Austin, Texas:

Austin, Texas
current flag, adopted 1915
Alec Rios' proposal
proposed flag

Barrington, Rhode Island:

Barrington, Rhode Island
current flag

Bath, Maine:

no previous flag
Bath, Maine
new flag, adopted 3 July 2013

Bellingham, Washington:

no previous flag
proposed flag of Bellingham, Washington
proposed, competition-winning design

Billings, Montana:

Billings, Montana
current flag, adopted 1986

Birmingham, Alabama:

Mrs. Idyl King Sorsby created this design for the city's 50th anniversary in 1921.
current flag, adopted 18 August 1925

Bloomington, Indiana:

Bloomington, Indiana (detail of photo by Daniel Robison, Indiana Public Media)
current flag

Boston, Massachusetts:

Boston, Massachusetts
current flag, adopted 1917

Bowling Green, Kentucky:

Bowling Green, Kentucky
current flag
proposed flag Bowling Green, Kentucky
proposed flag

Bryan, Texas:

Bryan, Texas
current flag
proposed flag Bryan, Texas
proposed flag

Cedar Park, Texas:

Cedar Park, Texas
current flag

Cleveland, Ohio:

Cleveland, Ohio
current flag

Clovis, New Mexico:

Clovis, New Mexico
current flag: seal on yellow field

Columbia, Missouri:

Columbia, Missouri (1988-2016)
previous flag, 1988-2016
Columbia, Missouri (2016-)
new flag, adopted May 2016

Columbus, Ohio:

Columbus, Ohio
current flag, adopted 1976
Columbus, Ohio (proposed)
proposed flag

Dallas, Texas:

Dallas, Texas
current flag,
adopted 13 February 1967
Dallas, Texas (proposed)
proposed flag

El Paso, Texas:

El Paso, Texas
current flag,
adopted 29 March 1962
El Paso, Texas (proposed)
proposed flag

Fargo, North Dakota:

no previous flag

unadopted 2015 contest winner

Golden, Colorado:

Golden, CO (1996-2012)
previous flag, 1996-2012

current flag adopted 2012

Grand Rapids, Michigan:

Grand Rapids, Michigan
current flag, adopted 2002

Harrison, Ohio:

no previous flag
Harrison, Ohio
new flag, adopted 2016

Hunstville, Alabama:

no previous flag
Hunstville, Alabama
proposed flag

Janesville, Wisconsin:

no previous flag
Janesville, Wisconsin
new flag, adopted 23 March 2015

Joplin, Missouri:

Joplin, Missouri
current flag, adopted 1977

Kingston, New York:

Kingston, NY
current flag, adopted 1984
Kingston, NY (proposed)
proposed flag

Laconia, New Hampshire:

Laconia, New Hampshire
current flag, adopted 1965

Lancaster, Pennsylvania:

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
current flag, adopted 1907

Liberty, Texas:

no previous flag
Liberty, Texas
new flag, adopted August 2015

Los Angeles, California:

Los Angeles, California
current flag, adopted 1931

Lowell, Massachusetts:

Lowell, Massachusetts
current flag, adopted c. 1960

Manlius, New York:

no previous flag
Manlius, New York proposed flag
proposed flag (captured from video)

Miami, Florida:

Miami, Florida
current flag, adopted 13 November 1933

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
current flag,
adopted 21 September 1954
Milwaukee, Wisconsin proposed flag
proposed flag (contest winner)

Minneapolis, Minnesota:

Minneapolis, Minnesota
current flag, adopted 27 May 1955

Naperville, Illinois:

Naperville, Illinois
current flag

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma:

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
current flag,
adopted 8 February 1994

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
current flag
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (proposed)
proposed flag

Pocatello, Idaho:

Pocatello, Idaho
current flag, adopted 5 May 2001

Portland, Maine:

Portland, Maine
current flag
'Portland Beacon' by Matthew Moray
proposed flag (contest winner, 2016)

Provo, Utah:

Former flag of Provo (1985-2015). Designed by Steven Hales Creative Design ad agency (
previous flag, 1985 – 2015
Provo, Utah
new flag, adopted January 2015

Raleigh, North Carolina:

Raleigh, North Carolina (front)
current flag (front),
adopted 31 May 1899
Raleigh, North Carolina (back)
current flag (back)

Republic, Missouri:

Republic, Missouri
current flag, adopted 1999

Rochester, Minnesota:

Rochester, Minnesota
current flag, adopted 16 June 1980

Salem, Oregon:

The Salem city flag, designed in 1972 by Arvid Orbeck.
current flag,
adopted 14 August 1972

San Francisco, California:

San Francisco, California
current flag, adopted 14 April 1900

San Marcos, Texas:

San Marcos, Texas
current flag

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario:

previous flag
previous flag
Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
new flag, adopted 2016

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

no previous flag
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
proposed flag

South Bend, Indiana:

Previous flag of South Bend, Indiana
previous flag
South Bend, Indiana
new flag, adopted March 2016

Springfield, Missouri:

Springfield, Missouri
current flag, adopted 1938

Sunnyvale, Texas:

no previous flag
Sunnyvale, Texas
new flag, adopted 27 April 2015

Syracuse, New York:

Syracuse, New York
current flag

Tampa, Florida:

Tampa, Florida
current flag, adopted 8 July 1930

Vancouver, Washington:

Vancouver, Washington
current flag