Municipal Flag Improvement

Thanks in large part to a popular 2015 TED talk by Roman Mars (and Ted Kaye) on the shortcomings of many city flag designs, there are efforts in many North American cities, towns, or other municipalities to improve their flag designs — or to adopt flags for the first time.

We have been tracking these efforts and changes in this list: You can view the list sorted in a few ways:

  • By status.
    • Adopted. Effort to adopt new flag successful.
    • Underway, City Initiative. Effort in progress, sanctioned by the municipal government.
    • Underway, Popular Initiative. Effort in progress, without sanction by the municipal government.
    • Stalled. Effort had made progress, but is now stalled without a new flag officially adopted.
    • Cancelled. Effort has failed.
    • Idea Stage. Flag or change process has been proposed, but has yet to result in a public initiative (city sanctioned or not).
    • Unknown. We don’t know the status of this effort.
  • By city. Sorted alphabetically by city name.
  • By state or province. Sorted alphabetically by 2-letter abbreviation.

Click here for a map of all these efforts.

If you know of an effort or a change in its status, please let us know at