Fijian PM Cancels Plans To Change Flag

The long wait for news about Fiji's long-delayed plans to change its flag is over.  Yesterday Prime Minister JV Bainimarama cancelled any such plans "for the foreseeable future". He released the following short statement: It has been deeply moving for me as Prime Minister to witness the way Fijians have rallied around the national flag as our… Continue reading Fijian PM Cancels Plans To Change Flag

Videos from ICV26

Kazutaka Nishiura has kindly uploaded to YouTube a number of videos of talks and ceremonies from last year's 26th International Congress of Vexillology in Sydney, Australia.  You can access the playlist here, or view them below. Opening ceremony Edward B. (Ted) Kaye, Fiji's New Flag: A Work in Progress Nozomi Kariyasu, The History of Japanese Service… Continue reading Videos from ICV26

The Vexillographer on Fiji

Back in March we featured some amazing flag transformation videos that had been recently posted on the YouTube channel Vexillographer.  Since then, Vexillographer (a young man named Peter, based in the US) has posted a number of other flag-related videos, has been featured on New Zealand radio talking about that country's flag change -- and has plans for 2016 for continuing… Continue reading The Vexillographer on Fiji

The Vexillogicast on Fiji

This vexillology blog and the vexillology podcast The Vexillogicast are exhibiting some synchronicity this week, with both of us happening to choose the topic of the flag change process in Fiji.  Listen to their Changing Fiji's Flag episode (runs about 11 minutes) for an entertaining overview, and check out the episode's links page for more information.  (And see our last post… Continue reading The Vexillogicast on Fiji

Fiji Still Looking for New Flag Designs

UPDATE: Fiji has cancelled its plans to change its flag. The website hasn't yet been updated, but according to the following media release from late last year, the process to choose a new flag for Fiji is once again moving forward and will be completed this year by the 7th of September.  Note that design submissions… Continue reading Fiji Still Looking for New Flag Designs

23 (1st Round) “Finalists” for New Fiji Flag

Update: Fiji has cancelled its plans to change its flag. Fiji's National Flag Committee has selected 23 designs from the hundreds submitted as finalists for the new Fijian flag.  At Fijians and foreigners are able to give their feedback on each of the finalists. In order to interpret the designs, the committee provides this guide… Continue reading 23 (1st Round) “Finalists” for New Fiji Flag

Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

from Vexilloid Tabloid #52 Note: "Flutterings" — notes from the editor on our last meeting — is a regular feature in The Vexilloid Tabloid. May Flutterings You Need to Know In our May meeting, hosted by John Schilke, 18 PFA members and guests enjoyed a lively 3-hour evening of flags and other wide-ranging topics.  As the host,… Continue reading Flutterings (from VexTab #52)

A New Flag for Fiji—A Work in Progress

by Ted Kaye, in Vexilloid Tabloid #52 In February, Fiji’s recently-elected prime minister announced that the country would change the flag to remove the colonial symbols it had borne since its adoption at independence in 1970. Aiming to raise a new flag on independence day, 10 October 2015, he set an ambitious schedule: A flag-design contest… Continue reading A New Flag for Fiji—A Work in Progress