A Flag for All Mankind in the 21st Century

By David Ferriday (1934–2022)Vexilloid Tabloid #31, December 2011 There are thousands of flags representing many different group of people around the world. The United Nations flag and the Olympic flag are the most inclusive. But there is, I believe, a need for a flag that represents each and everyone of us, as a member of… Continue reading A Flag for All Mankind in the 21st Century

Grace Rogers Cooper & 13-Star US Flags

In 1972 the Smithsonian Institution published this book by former NAVA president Grace Rogers Cooper, Thirteen-Star Flags: Keys to Identification. It contains a wealth of information on the early history of US flags and surviving examples, and how to detect impostors. And the public domain full text is available online! You can read it on… Continue reading Grace Rogers Cooper & 13-Star US Flags

A New Flag for Coral Springs, Florida

Congratulations to Dale Williams, winner of the Coral Springs flag design contest! This flag replaces a previous flag featuring the city seal: The city received 80 submissions to the contest and narrowed the field to these six finalists: Like many such contests, Coral Springs' referenced Roman Mars' TED Talk and the Good Flag, Bad Flag guidelines.… Continue reading A New Flag for Coral Springs, Florida

Columbia, SC Soliciting Feedback On 18 Finalists

As Ted Kaye noted last November, South Carolina's capital Columbia is looking to replace its SOB flag with something that better reflects the contemporary city and that will be embraced instead of ignored by the public. After receiving 547 proposed designs, the Columbia Design League had a panel of NAVA members select 18 finalists to… Continue reading Columbia, SC Soliciting Feedback On 18 Finalists

Municipal Flag Improvement Update

We're up to a total of 80 efforts to create or redesign US and Canadian flags of cities, towns, or other municipalities, as tracked on our Municipal Flag Improvement page. Many of these have been inspired by the TED Talk Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing you've never noticed by Roman Mars of the… Continue reading Municipal Flag Improvement Update

Face Flags of Washington, Part 3: Seattle

Seattle, like its encompassing county and state, is represented by a flag with its namesake's face -- in this case, that of the Suquamish Chief Si'ahl (anglicized as Seattle). Si'ahl lived from c. 1786 to 1866. One photograph of him survives (detail above), taken by  L.B. Franklin in 1864. The flag was ostensibly designed by… Continue reading Face Flags of Washington, Part 3: Seattle

Face Flags of Washington, Part 2: King County

Washington state's most populous county, King, also uses a flag with a face on it: a stylized portrait of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. The flag was adopted in 2009 after over 20 years of efforts, lead by African American politicians and civil rights activists Ron Sims and Larry Gossett, to re-affiliate King County with Rev.… Continue reading Face Flags of Washington, Part 2: King County

Face Flags of Washington, Part 1: State of Washington

The state flag of Washington stands out among its brethren:  not only is it uniquely green, it uniquely bears the likeness of an actual person.  People appear on many US state flags, but other than on Washington's they stand for generic farmers, pioneers, etc. (Many believe the figures on Kentucky's flag are Daniel Boone and Henry… Continue reading Face Flags of Washington, Part 1: State of Washington

Voting Ends 8/8 for Albany Flag Contest

In June we announced the launch of a process to find a flag for Albany, Oregon initiated by our fellow Oregonians at GUAVA (Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association). Five finalists have been chosen and the public has been rating each on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high) at cityofalbany.net/flag.  This phase ends this Monday (8… Continue reading Voting Ends 8/8 for Albany Flag Contest

Bree Henderson Spurs Laconia, NH To Redesign Its Flag

Situated between lakes Winnipesaukee and Winnisquam, the small New Hampshire city of Laconia has technically had a flag since 1965.  Technically, but not really in practice, as the Laconia Daily Sun notes, "a facsimile flag is encased and hangs on the wall in the Laconia City Council chambers, but that really is the extent of the functionality… Continue reading Bree Henderson Spurs Laconia, NH To Redesign Its Flag