Voting Ends 8/8 for Albany Flag Contest

In June we announced the launch of a process to find a flag for Albany, Oregon initiated by our fellow Oregonians at GUAVA (Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association). Five finalists have been chosen and the public has been rating each on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high) at  This phase ends this Monday (8 […]

A Flag for the Hub City of Oregon

Albany, Oregon wants to join the ranks of cities with flags.  Spurred by the vexillonaires of GUAVA (the Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association), led by West Albany High School math teacher Cole Pouliot, the city is running a design contest through 5 pm Pacific Time on 5 July 2016.  The design contest winner will receive a […]

Portland’s Flag Turns 13

Happy Portland Flag Day!  (Not yet an official holiday.) On 4 September 2002, after lobbying by flag designer Douglas Lynch (1913-2009) and the Portland Flag Association, the Portland City Council adopted ordinance 176874, revising the flag to its current (and originally intended) design.  (For more on the redesign effort, see our History page.) Over the course […]

The Flag of Gresham, Oregon

Flag Proportions 2:3 Adopted 24 July 1984 Design The flag is white and has the city seal in the center, with flowering lilac branches at each side.  The seal contains two concentric circles with an image of Mt. Hood in the center, reflected in a lake. Curved within the top part of the ring is the […]