Vexilloid Tabloid #76

The 76th edition of our newsletter features:

  • Genesis of Good Flag, Bad Flag (Ted Kaye)
  • A “Gray Pride” Flag (David Koski)
  • The Pro-Abortion Gadsden Flag (Ted Kaye)
  • Flaggy Map
  • Flags in School (Michael Orelove)
  • Farewell, Michael Faul & Chumley (Michael Faul)
  • Pirate Flags in the Caribbean (Michael Orelove)
  • The Red Flag (John Cartledge)

And, as always highlights from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news and notes, sightings of the Portland city flag, and the What’s That Flag quiz.  (This issue’s quizmaster: David Ferriday.)

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Vexilloid Tabloid #69

Our latest newsletter features:

  • The Korean Unity Flag (Ted Kaye)
  • Flags in Ireland: A Field Report, Installment 2 (Ted Kaye)
  • Flags for All Seasons, Take 2 (Scott Mainwaring)
  • Flags along I-5 in Oregon (Michael Orelove)

And, as always highlights from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news and notes, sightings of the Portland city flag, and the What’s That Flag quiz.


Vexilloid Tabloid #68


Our first newsletter of 2018 (Issue 68) features:

  • Of Arms and Silks (David Ferriday)
  • Flags in Ireland: A Field Report, Installment 1 (Ted Kaye)
  • A New Flag for Coral Springs, Florida (Scott Mainwaring)
  • Forthcoming Books (Scott Mainwaring)
  • Sutherlin — City of Flags (Michael Orelove)

And, as always highlights from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news and notes, sightings of the Portland city flag, and the What’s That Flag quiz.




Vexilloid Tabloid #66

Here is the 66th edition of our club newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid, founded in 1999 by the late, great John Hood.  Our October 2017 edition features:

  • When Cities Reject Their New Flags (Ted Kaye)
  • 100 Days Action Resistance Flag (Cristina Victor)
  • The Mt. Rushmore State (Michael Orelove)
  • Vexiday: The Second World Vexillology Day in Portland (Scott Mainwaring)
  • ICV 27 Report–London 2017 (Ted Kaye)
  • A Flag to Commemorate the Arts and Sciences (David Ferriday)
  • The International Vegan Flag (John Niggley)


Vexilloid Tabloid #65

There are lots of features in our latest newsletter (Vexilloid Tabloid #65):

  • Flag Burning in Portland (Ted Kaye)
  • Kids’ Flags from Room 25, Oak Knoll Elementary, Menlo Park (Bill Quarré)
  • Chicago Flag Finds a New Home in Gresham (Michael Orelove)
  • Reimagining the Royal and Vice-Regal Flags of the Commonwealth (Max Liberman)
  • The OPEN Flag (Carl Gurtman)
  • Proposed “American Resistance Flag” (Howard J. Wilk)
  • Pocatello, Idaho, Replaces its Worst-in-the-Country Flag (Ted Kaye)

It also includes our regular sections:

  • The What’s That Flag? quiz
  • A flag quote (see below)
  • Roundup (news items)
  • Flutterings (highlights from our last meeting)
  • Portland Flag Miscellany (news about the Portland city flag)
  • Next Meeting directions (14 September at Scott Mainwaring’s house)

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Vexilloid Tabloid #62

Happy 2017! The first issue of the new year is here. Vexilloid Tabloid #62 features:

  • The Origin of the PFA (Ted Kaye)
  • Book Review: 50 Facts You May Not Know About the Confederate Flag (Ted Kaye)
  • Alternative Flags for Earth
  • Update on Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s Proposed Flag
  • Does the Deep Sea Need a Flag? (Carlos Alberto Morales Ramirez)
  • William & Mary … and St. Andrew (David Ferriday)

And, as always, it includes the What’s That Flag? quiz, Flags in the News (news stories featuring flags), Flutterings (highlights from the last PFA meeting), and Portland Flag Miscellany (news about Portland’s city flag).  Each new issue is sent out to our email subscribers list as a PDF attachment.  If you would like to be added to that list, just email and let us know your name, contact info (address and e-mail) and interest in flags.


Vexilloid Tabloid #61

Our December 2016 newsletter features:

  • Whitney Smith, 1940-2016
  • Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina (Ted Kaye)
  • The Fleur-de-Lis: From Lys to Lis, or from Flower to Emblem (Patrice de La Condamine)
  • Vexiday: The First World Vexillology Day (Scott Mainwaring)
  • Michael Orelove’s Burgees Make Port (Michael Orelove)

And, as always, notes from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news, the flag quiz, and what the Portland flag has been  up to lately.


Vexilloid Tabloid #60

The October 2016 edition of the PFA club newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid #60, is here, featuring:

  • 1 October Is World Vexillology Day (Scott Mainwaring)
  • How Albany, Oregon, Got a Flag (Cole Pouliot)
  • The Flag of Null Island (Ted Kaye)
  • 1993 Proposals for Macau’s Flag (Patrick Genna)
  • Powell Boulevard’s Flag Parade (Ted Kaye)

Editor’s note:

In this issue, Scott Mainwaring tells us about his idea for an annual celebration of flags, flag studies, and flag design every 1 October:  World Vexillology Day (or Vexiday for short).  So far, he has gotten buy-in from 15 flag associations around the world, including the PFA and NAVA.  Other sponsoring associations include: Vexillology Ireland, the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association, Bandiere Storiche (Italy), the  New England Vexillological Association, the New Zealand Flag Association, the Southern African Vexillological Association, the Burgee Data Archives (Canada), the Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association (Oregon), the Heraldry Society of Slovenia, the Catalan Association of Vexillology, the Flag Data Center (Czech Republic), the Italian Center of Vexillological Studies, and the Breton Vexillological Society.  All of these will be celebrating in some manner on Saturday, 1 October (see for details).  If you are part of another association, please join in and let Scott know at info@vexiday.orgHow will you be celebrating?




Vexilloid Tabloid #59

The latest issue (number 59) of the PFA newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid, features:

  • Introduction: The 15th Anniversary of 9/11 (Ted Kaye)
  • Ice Cream Flags (David Koski)
  • Memories from a Flag Store on the Morning of 9/11 (Michael Hale)
  • The Flags of Boys State in Salem (Ted Kaye and Brian McKinley)
  • Biogeographical Vexillology of Puerto Rico (Carlos Alberto Morales Ramirez)

As always, you can find notes from our last meeting, a roundup of flag-related news and notes, the What’s that Flag? quiz, and Portland Flag Miscellany (flag usage in Portland and the many uses of Portland’s city flag).

hgzdA special note in this issue: Congratulations to our sister organization in Croatia, HGZD (Hrvatsko Grboslovno i Zastavoslovno Društvo — the Croatian Heraldic and Vexillological Association), on celebrating its 10th anniversary! HGZD publishes the great full-color journal Grb i zastava in Croatian and English twice a year under the enthusiastic and learned leadership of Maj. Željko Heimer, PhD. See for details.




Vexilloid Tabloid #56

Our latest newsletter, The Vexilloid Tabloid #56,  is our longest ever!  It features:

  • The Mere-Exposure Effect (Ted Kaye)
  • Flags for the Year 2016 (David Koski and Scott Mainwaring)
  • Counterchanged Flags (David Koski)
  • Flag for Cascadia by Night (Random Pendragon)
  • Swastikas in Japan (Alexander Baretich)
  • There Is No Flag Large Enough… (Scott Mainwaring)
  • Taíno Heritage in Puerto Rican Flags (Carlos Alberto Morales Ramírez)
  • Field Report — New Zealand (Ted Kaye)
  • Flag for The River of the Mind (Casey Sims)

And, as always: notes from our last meeting, the Portland flag miscellany, the What’s that Flag? quiz, and more!