Zaricor Flag Collection

The Zaricor Flag Collection (ZFC) is the result of decades of flag collecting by wealthy California businessman Ben Zaricor. Its curator, the vexillologist and former flag merchant Jim Ferrigan, writes: The [ZFC], as the noted flag historian, the late Howard Madaus stated, is the largest most important representation of U.S. and American flags in the world.… Continue reading Zaricor Flag Collection

A Vexillological Hapax Legomenon

Back in 2010 linguist Geoffrey Nunberg brought an interesting perspective to bear on the Pledge of Allegiance, which had been in the news when the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals had ruled, 2 to 1, that "under God" could stay, despite the apparent bridging of church vs. state.  He invokes the linguistic lingo hapax legomemnon, "an… Continue reading A Vexillological Hapax Legomenon