South Dakota Proposals (2012)

By Patrick Genna, revised by Scott Mainwaring Originally published in Vexilloid Tabloid #34 (June 2012) In February a South Dakota House panel rejected a proposal to change the state flag.  Its design was first adopted in 1909, updated in 1963, and again in 1992.  (There is a short YouTube video explaining the evolution.) Using the […]

The Seal of the State of Jefferson

By Michael Orelove Originally published in The Vexilloid Tabloid #31, December 2011 Kathleen Forrest and I recently drove from Portland to the San Francisco area and passed through the State of Jefferson (parts of southern Oregon and northern California). We carried a flag of the State of Jefferson on their trip.  The flag bears a reproduction of the […]

Randall Gray’s Flag for Oregon

By Ted Kaye; revised by Scott Mainwaring Originally published in The Vexilloid Tabloid #30, October 2011 The PFA has honored Randall Gray of West Linn for his re-design of the Oregon State Flag, which received the most votes in The Oregonian‘s contest in 2008-09. In a celebration hosted in February by Mike Hale at Elmer’s Flag & Banner, […]

Half the Oregon flag on a stamp

There was a ceremony in Salem today to announce a new USPS stamp featuring the Oregon state flag. (Actually, only one side of the state flag — the obverse — leaving what some would argue is the better side hidden.) See: Elida S. Perez, “Oregon state flag is featured in latest Forever stamp”, Salem Statesman […]