The Flag of Gresham, Oregon

Flag Proportions 2:3 Adopted 24 July 1984 Design The flag is white and has the city seal in the center, with flowering lilac branches at each side.  The seal contains two concentric circles with an image of Mt. Hood in the center, reflected in a lake. Curved within the top part of the ring is the […]

Vancouver Oil Spill Flag

Yesterday the MV Marathassa, a Cypriot-flagged bulk carrier on its maiden voyage, spilled toxic oil into English Bay near downtown Vancouver, BC.  Today a version of the Vancouver city flag protesting this event appeared on Twitter: The idea of modifying Canadian flags to protest environmental damage from oil has been done before, though perhaps not as […]

Where the Portland Flag Flies

Over the past few years I have been compiling a list of places in Portland that fly the city’s flag.  When it started in 2011 the flag could be seen only in a handful of places:  city hall, the Portland Building, Pioneer Courthouse Square, the Oregon Convention Center, Jefferson Office Park, and the Portland Timbers’ stadium (only […]

Parsons’ Flag for London

Jonathan Parsons is a British artist who works in the medium of flags (as well as sculpture, painting, and others).  One of his most colorful creations was a new flag for London (2003): I decided that a flag for the new city state should be very colourful to reflect the city’s huge diversity. ‘Flag for London’, in […]

Flags in the Hierarchy of Pride

Michael Green is a designer, self-proclaimed Flag Geek, and author of the excellent Branding the Nations blog on  In his posting on (the sad state of) US state flags, The Good, the “Meh” and the Ugly, he asks a fundamental question that is too often taken for granted in discussions, debates, and contests about […]

An Early Attempt at a Portland Flag

Anyone interested in American city flags should have a copy of the book of that title:  American City Flags: 150 Flags from Akron to Yonkers, by John M. Purcell with James A. Croft and Rich Monahan, published in 2003 as a special issue of Raven: A Journal of Vexillology by the North American Vexillological Association (ISBN 0-9747728-0-1; […]


The first principle of effective flag design is: Keep It Simple. Effective flags are meme-like, able to propagate themselves through human perception, memory, and action, and in this simple flags have an advantage. On the other hand, there are certainly many highly complex flags. As the simplicity principle suggests, these tend to be obscure, expensive, […]

Columbus, Ohio [reblog]

Originally posted on bad flags:
So I’ve been ignoring badflags for a long time,  and a bunch of people have been telling me how lame that is, so after another hiatus, I’m back with something special. I live in Columbus, Ohio, and I really love this city. I love it so much that it’s a…

Provo Puts its Latest Logo on a Bedsheet

Blog post by Scott Mainwaring The flag of Provo, Utah ranked extremely low (143rd out of 150) in the flag designs evaluated in NAVA’s 2004 American City Flags Survey, eventually leading to an effort in 2013 by Mayor John Curtis to create and adopt a new flag for Utah’s third-largest city. The effort got bogged down in […]