The Flag of Gresham, Oregon

Flag gresham
Proportions 2:3
Adopted 24 July 1984
Design The flag is white and has the city seal in the center, with flowering lilac branches at each side.  The seal contains two concentric circles with an image of Mt. Hood in the center, reflected in a lake. Curved within the top part of the ring is the name “City of Gresham”. Curved in the lower part of the ring is the date “1905”, preceded and followed by three strawberries.  All decoration and printing on the flag is in lavender.
Symbolism Gresham was incorporated in 1905, and lies about 40 miles west-northwest of Mt. Hood, Oregon’s tallest peak.  Lilac is the official city flower.  Strawberry fields were once common in the area.
One of Gresham’s sister cities, Ebetsu, Japan, had given its flag to the city, and Mayor Margaret Weil wanted to return the favor by giving Ebetsu a Gresham flag when she next visited Japan.  Judy Wylie, a city employee, suggested the seal-and-lilacs design and worked with the secretary to the Finance Director, Jo Cunningham, who produced a sample sketch. (Ebitsu received its gift flag in 1984.)
Designer Judy Wylie conceived the design.  Jo Cunningham drew the artwork.
  • Researcher: Michael Orelove
  • Assistance from the City of Gresham: Teresa A. Hall, City Council Coordinator

2 thoughts on “The Flag of Gresham, Oregon”

  1. The lilac element would be a good start in redesigning Gresham’s flag, but that is always up to the the people and government of Gresham if they choose to change the flag. Otherwise, it remains as it it. A seal on a bedsheet but with two pronounced lilacs. Patrick Genna

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