Burrito Justice: Flags of San Francisco [reblog]

The mysterious, prolific, and insightful Burrito Justice published this piece about his hometown’s flag way back in 2013. And as a kind of sequel, check out his flag celebrating SF asshattery from 2014.

Burrito Justice

Hey, did you know San Francisco has a flag?!? (I mean, other than the Castro flag.)

sf flag real 2

Lots of history behind this — the very wooden early San Francisco burned down many times:

1849: Dec 24
1850: May 4
1850: Jun 14
1850: Sep 17
1851: May 3
1851: Jun 22

While I love the IDEA of our flag, I don’t actually LOVE our flag. It’s kind of… meh, to be honest. And apparently I am not the only one. The all-powerful and knowledgeable Roman Mars noted the same when he moved to Chicago from SF. (A worthy podcast.)

So when I moved back to San Francisco in 2008, I researched its flag because I’d never seen it before in the previous eight years that I’d lived here. And I found it … I’m sorry to say, sadly lacking.

He even interviewed a vexillologicist, Ted Kaye, on what makes a…

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1 thought on “Burrito Justice: Flags of San Francisco [reblog]”

  1. Phoenix, Arizona has a modern flag that San Francisco could take inspiration from. SF’s flag is outdated. Needs an upgrade where the “crown” looks like burning flames. Not many realize that it is not an eagle, but a phoenix. No lettering, names or numbers.- Patrick Genna, Portland Flag Association, Oregon

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