Mystery Flags

Can you help identify a couple hard-to-identify flags? The first appears in this photo of a group of women dressed in ethnic clothing from early in the 20th century.  They display a US flag and a tribar with what appears to be a mounted horseman, perhaps brandishing a sword.  If you have an idea what it is, […]

Oregon Flag Registry Update

from Vexilloid Tabloid #53 The Oregon Flag Registry is an ongoing project by the PFA to document the flags of all Oregon tribes, counties, cities, and other flag-using entities.  Current status: Total Prospects Identified: 118 Total Entries Assigned: 32 Total Entries Completed:16 The Registry is online at  Contact Scott Mainwaring to join the team:  info […]

The Flag of Gresham, Oregon

Flag Proportions 2:3 Adopted 24 July 1984 Design The flag is white and has the city seal in the center, with flowering lilac branches at each side.  The seal contains two concentric circles with an image of Mt. Hood in the center, reflected in a lake. Curved within the top part of the ring is the […]

Self-Contradictory Flags

We recently featured artist Josh Thorpe’s Ambivalent Flag, that signaled white, or black, or a bit of each, depending on how the wind was tossing it around.  Here are a couple of other examples of flags that contradict themselves, courtesy of Ted Kaye. One was a novelty flag produced at one time by Jim Ferrigan, […]

The Clatsop-Nehalem Flag

The Clatsop-Nehalem are an unrecognized confederation of Native Americans in Oregon with a truly striking flag. According to its designer, Mark Scovell (son of tribal chief Joe Scovell): The circular design of the yellow touches all of the other colors because it represents the Creator whose presence relates to all of life.  The red represents blood […]