Flag Origami

A Japanese shop on Etsy, OrigamiLand Decorations, is selling a set of traditional folded cranes with designs adapted from the flags of 24 different countries: Japan, United States, Australia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Brasil, Argentina, Canada, Spain, China, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Thailand, Germany, Vietnam, India, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Malasia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, and Russia. Displayed together, they […]

Vexillonairing in Coos Bay

By Scott Mainwaring and Ted Kaye, based on reporting by Devan Patel and Tim Novotny in the Coos Bay World Vexillonnaires in Coos Bay, on the southern Oregon coast, have prompted the redesign of a prominent flag display along the city’s waterfront. In 1991 residents wanting to “spruce up” Coos Bay convinced the city to fly flags representing […]