Xavier Rudd & The United Nations: Flag

Xavier Rudd is an Australian singer-songwriter who recently brought together musicians from Australia, Germany, Ireland, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and South Africa to form the band United Nations.  Their reggae song Flag leads off their latest album Nanna. The video is built around images of white flags — the white flag of peace, not surrender. […]

Josh Thorpe – Heavy Ambivalent Flag

In 2010 Canadian artist Josh Thorpe created a flag that contradicted itself — white on one side, black on the other — and flew it from a pole at the entrance to the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery on the University of Toronto campus, which had commissioned the work. About this work, the artist writes: With its […]

Musical White Flags

The white flag of surrender is a recurring motif in popular music. Here is a brief survey, courtesy of YouTube: Our first and most popular musical white flag was a 2003 pop hit by Dido with a video featuring Whedonverse actor David Boreanaz.  “White flag” appears in the chorus:  I will go down with this ship / And […]

The Wild Standard

The Wild Standard is a small Austin-based business designing, producing, and marketing handmade, limited-edition, minimalist art-flags.  Their one-sided, black-and-white designs and emphasis on hand-lettering would not work well in the normal context for a flag:  flying in the wind atop a flag pole.  However, as home decor hung vertically or horizontally on an interior wall […]

Flags Buried Alive

The artist AA Bronson returned to his New York home after the 9/11 terrorist attacks: What I found there is inscribed indelibly on my brain: a thick chalky dust of glass, concrete, paper, asbestos and human flesh that covered everything; and American flags, everywhere. Within a month I had purchased my first flag on eBay. I […]

White Flags

From an article by Scott Mainwaring in The Vexilloid Tabloid #48, October 2014. Color is so elemental in flag design that colors is a synonym for flag.   Recently, however, all-white flags have been in the news due to two Berlin artists, Matthias Wermke and Mischa Leinkauf.  In the wee hours of July 22 they evaded […]