Vexilloid Tabloid #58

The latest issue of the PFA newsletter is here:  The Vexilloid Tabloid #58 (June 2016). Featuring: Introduction: NZ, VT, and Albany (Ted Kaye) A U.S. Canton Honoring Alaska (Michael Orelove) A Flag for the Other Portland (Ted Kaye) Czech Municipal Flags (interview with Petr Exner by Scott Mainwaring) Redesigning the U.S. Flag (Scott Mainwaring) New Flags for Australia’s […]

Rate the Semifinalists for Portland

The contest being run by the Bangor Daily News to propose a new flag for Portland, Maine is asking for your feedback on 10 semifinalist designs no later than this Sunday, 15 May.  Here are the 10 semifinalists – with the designers’ statements and brief notes by Ted Kaye in the captions. The three most highly […]

City Flag Improvements Update

As we blogged about last year, many efforts are underway to improve (or to create in the first place) municipal flags.  The list just keeps growing, so we have moved it into its own page, Municipal Flag Improvement. We currently have 42 cities or towns on this list of efforts, 41 in the US, one in […]

Czech Municipal Flags

An interview with Ing. Petr Exner of the Czech Flag Data Center Petr Exner runs FLADAC, the Flag Data Center (SVI, the Středisko vexilologických informací) in the Czech Republic.  The Center maintains the website, which includes a giant online database of thousands upon thousands of Czech municipal flags. In 2005 the International Federation of Vexillological Associations […]

84 Designs Proposed for Portland, Maine

BDN Maine published an update today on the flag design contest currently underway for a new flag for Portland, Maine.  It includes 84 (!) proposed designs from “around 40 designers”.  Judges will now select finalists from this list to be voted on by the public. Here they are in a handy table.  (See the article […]

Ted Kaye Headed to Milwaukee

A quick update from Ted: As you know, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is engaged in city flag redesign. I will be heading there in two weeks to help guide the 5-person jury selecting the finalists. The organizer, graphic designer Steve Kodis, has created very active social channels: I’m sure I will have […]

Happy Birthday, Hong Kong Flag

We were reminded by our friends at VIBE that today marks the birthday of the flag of Hong Kong, adopted 4 April 1990 by the Seventh National People’s Congress in Beijing.  More than just a city flag, of course, it is officially the “regional flag of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China” […]

City Flags and Funerals

As a sad addendum to our piece on the Toronto city flag (in VexTab #47), here is an image of the flag covering the casket of former mayor Rob Ford as he lies in repose in City Hall. Traditions vary from city to city, and the use of the city flag as a casket flag […]

Vexilloid Tabloid #57

The April edition of our newsletter is out early, featuring  an insightful article political science professor and psephologist Erik Herron on last year’s referendum in New Zealand. (That vote determined the design that Kiwis are deciding this month whether to adopt as their new national flag.) Contents for Vexilloid Tabloid #57: Introduction: Psephology and NZ; Mississippi (Ted Kaye) How […]

South Bend, Indiana Has a Great New Flag

As we reported last October, in honor of the city’s sesquicentennial, the SB150 Committee hosted a public contest at the beginning of a carefully designed process to design a new city flag for South Bend, Indiana. After selecting three finalists, gathering public feedback, and creating a composite design, the city’s elected officials today revealed the final result: […]