Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina

by Ted Kaye Columbia, the capital city of South Carolina, could really use a change of topic when it comes to flags. As the focal point for display of the Confederate Battle Flag in the South, the city hosted a turning point in the fractious debate, with the removal of the flag from the Confederate… Continue reading Flag Change in Columbia, South Carolina

Voting Ends 8/8 for Albany Flag Contest

In June we announced the launch of a process to find a flag for Albany, Oregon initiated by our fellow Oregonians at GUAVA (Greater Unified Albany Vexillological Association). Five finalists have been chosen and the public has been rating each on a scale of 0 (low) to 10 (high) at cityofalbany.net/flag.  This phase ends this Monday (8… Continue reading Voting Ends 8/8 for Albany Flag Contest

Bree Henderson Spurs Laconia, NH To Redesign Its Flag

Situated between lakes Winnipesaukee and Winnisquam, the small New Hampshire city of Laconia has technically had a flag since 1965.  Technically, but not really in practice, as the Laconia Daily Sun notes, "a facsimile flag is encased and hangs on the wall in the Laconia City Council chambers, but that really is the extent of the functionality… Continue reading Bree Henderson Spurs Laconia, NH To Redesign Its Flag

In Limbo, Waiting For Approval

Several city flag redesign proposals have won public competitions, but have not been approved by their city governments as official city flags. Almost all contest winners find themselves in this state immediately after a contest ends, but sometimes the wait for an official decision can extend apparently indefinitely.  What can be done to move these winning designs… Continue reading In Limbo, Waiting For Approval

Joplin, Missouri Flag Redesign Contest

Joplin, Missouri has a flag, but you'll be hard pressed to find an image of it. Online, the best available would appear to be this photograph from blogspot.com. [UPDATE: Jonathan Souder (@dadgif) helpfully provided this much better image.] Joplin Code 1977, § 1-22 explains the various features of the flag, from 24 stars (for Missouri's rank… Continue reading Joplin, Missouri Flag Redesign Contest

Four Men in a Hot-Tub

Columbia, Missouri's logo is intended to represent harmonious relations between the city's government and its citizens: City employees and citizens exist in an interwoven relationship. As a representation of this cooperative working bond, the distinctive City of Columbia logo depicts people joined together in an unending circle of community service. A solid version of the… Continue reading Four Men in a Hot-Tub

A Flag for the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

Where the Wishkah River flows into the Chehalis, just before it in turn flows into Grays Harbor in coastal Washington lies the small city of Aberdeen, best known as the birthplace and home of the lead singer of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain (1967-1994).  Founded in 1884 by Samuel Benn, up until a few days ago it has never had a… Continue reading A Flag for the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah

“Sunrise Over the Lake” Wins Milwaukee Flag Contest

The latest effort to have Milwaukee, Wisconsin adopt a new flag reached a critical milestone on June 14th (Flag Day) when the winning proposed design was announced before a packed audience at radio station 88Nine. After over 6000 people responded to an online survey to rate the five finalist proposals on a scale of 1 to 10, Robert Lenz's… Continue reading “Sunrise Over the Lake” Wins Milwaukee Flag Contest