Rate the Semifinalists for Portland

The contest being run by the Bangor Daily News to propose a new flag for Portland, Maine is asking for your feedback on 10 semifinalist designs no later than this Sunday, 15 May.  Here are the 10 semifinalists – with the designers’ statements and brief notes by Ted Kaye in the captions.

The three most highly rated flags will go on to the final round of voting, which closes Friday, 27 May.  The winning designer will receive a $300 prize.


2 thoughts on “Rate the Semifinalists for Portland”

  1. Designs #1,4,7 and 8 look like more logos to me. I love a flag with a good symbolism. From the descriptions given on the website, I would say that design #5 takes the cake. Very good idea to design a new flag based on former flags combined together. I wished we see that more often. My second choice would be design #9 with the four anchors on a blue field. Design #3 would be my third choice.

    I take this opportunity to point to an observation I’ve made from the NZ flag competition. When you ask the public to pick a flag, they will invariably be tempted by “childish” designs, like that complex fern on the canton instead of a nice, pure, symbolic design like red peak (I still think the Red Peak symbolism was not perfect: the sky should have been all blue (no black), and red as a symbol of blood means that everybody comes together to push upward, like a volcanoe, so that the flag would have focussed more on unity rather than division) We have seen a similar problem in Fiji with flags defaced with turtles, palm trees, flowers and what else! My point here is that the job of picking a good flag should remain the prerogative of self-proclaimed experts like myself at the end of the day.

    So Portland, I have spoken! Design #5.

    1. It seems that the display of those flag is random, so let me clarify…
      design 1,4,7 and 8 where the two flags with birds, the one with a rising sun and the one with a lighthouse.
      Design #5 is the one with the blue star.
      Design # 3 is the one with a white vertical divide between the blue and the green sections.

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