City Flags and Funerals

As a sad addendum to our piece on the Toronto city flag (in VexTab #47), here is an image of the flag covering the casket of former mayor Rob Ford as he lies in repose in City Hall.

Photo from The Globe and Mail (Fred Lum)

Traditions vary from city to city, and the use of the city flag as a casket flag appears to be rather rare.  Here are some other exceptions:

The funeral of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino. Photo by Jesse Costa/WBUR.
Funeral of Chicago Mayor Jane Byrne. Photo by Al Podgorski/Sun-Times Media
Funeral of Washington Mayor Marion Barry. Photo by Bill O’Leary/Washington Post
Funeral of New York Mayor Ed Koch. Image from
The flag of the New York City Police Department covers the casket of Officer Rafael Ramos. Photo by Julio Cortez/AP

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