Vexilloid Tabloid #57

The April edition of our newsletter is out early, featuring  an insightful article political science professor and psephologist Erik Herron on last year’s referendum in New Zealand. (That vote determined the design that Kiwis are deciding this month whether to adopt as their new national flag.)

Contents for Vexilloid Tabloid #57:

And, as always: notes from our last meeting, the Portland flag miscellany, the What’s that Flag? quiz, and more!


6 thoughts on “Vexilloid Tabloid #57”

      1. Well, Good Flag, Bad Flag design principle 2 is Use Meaningful Symbolism, a corollary of which is Don’t Use Symbolism Which Has Negative Meanings. So insofar as Feng Shui, or any other spiritual understanding, is meaningful to the people of New Zealand, the answer is: yes! :-)

      2. ha…ha… it would be interesting to have a feng shui analysis for the whole set of national flags, and see if there is a strong correlation between economic development and the feng shui score given to a flag… Do you have any feng shui specialists in Portland? That would be good fun!!! :)

      3. BTW, they say that black on top is very bad for feng shui, but the German economy is the strongest in Europe… I don’t trust feng shui-based vexillology :p

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