Self-Contradictory Flags

We recently featured artist Josh Thorpe’s Ambivalent Flag, that signaled white, or black, or a bit of each, depending on how the wind was tossing it around.  Here are a couple of other examples of flags that contradict themselves, courtesy of Ted Kaye. One was a novelty flag produced at one time by Jim Ferrigan, […]

Vexilloid Tabloid #35

Check out the latest issue (#35) of The Vexilloid Tabloid to learn about: Turn-of-the-century “Yiddish Flag” Protest (Patrick Genna) Elmer’s Flag and Banner in the Oregonian Flag Retirement Ceremony Mystery Flags and as always the “What’s that Flag?” (from quizmasterMax Liberman), and notes from our last meeting. Click here for this latest issue (PDF, 2.5MB), or see […]