Mystery Flags

Can you help identify a couple hard-to-identify flags?

The first appears in this photo of a group of women dressed in ethnic clothing from early in the 20th century.  They display a US flag and a tribar with what appears to be a mounted horseman, perhaps brandishing a sword.  If you have an idea what it is, please let Al Cavalari know:  Al Cavalari, The Flag Guys®,



The second is a flag photographed in August 2014 in Pacific City, Oregon, flying next to a US flag near the beach.  It is a green-yellow-green tribar with the silhouette of what appears to be a specific kind of motorboat on the central stripe.  The boat has a high bow and a structure, probably a pilothouse, amidships.  If you can identify this flag — or the boat — please let us know at


Update: This is the flag of the Pacific City Dorymen’s Association –

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