Oregon Flag Registry Update

from Vexilloid Tabloid #53

The Oregon Flag Registry is an ongoing project by the PFA to document the flags of all Oregon tribes, counties, cities, and other flag-using entities.  Current status:

Total Prospects Identified: 118
Total Entries Assigned: 32
Total Entries Completed:16

The Registry is online at oregonflagregistry.org.  Contact Scott Mainwaring to join the team:  info [at] portlandflag.org.

Flag of the Chinook
Flag of the Chinook tribe

Ted Kaye recently completed the entry of the flag the Chinook tribe, based in Washington, with members in Oregon.  From his entry:

Adopted January, 2003, the flag places a stylized Chinook salmon in the style of Northwest Coast Indian art in black and red on a field of white.  Centered on its stomach are the contours of a   human face.

The flag’s salmon image is the tribe’s logo, designed by Tony Johnson.  An accomplished artist and canoe carver, he also led the Cultural Affairs Committee which adopted the flag.

1 thought on “Oregon Flag Registry Update”

  1. Two things, first the flag is backwards. The salmon should not look as if it’s caught on a pole. Second, this is also the Trademark of the Chinook Indian Nation.

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