A Treasure Trove of Vexillology

Good news for all you vexillologists out there:  NAVA, the North American Vexillological Association, has made available, for free online access, nearly everything that it has published in its premiere scholarly journal Raven.  (The two most recent volumes are behind a paywall.) Most of the free content can be accessed at: https://www.pdcnet.org/raven/free The interface is basic, but […]


The Flags of the World (FOTW) database recently added a new indigenous peoples’ flag: the flag of the Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North (RAIPON). RAIPON was established in 1990 and participates on the Arctic Council. It represents 41 different indigenous groups across Russia. RAIPON was shut down unexpectedly in 2012 with the pretext that […]

The Ieweras Gray Women’s Warrior Flag

Ieweras Gray (1998-2014) was a Mohawk girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at age six, battling the cancer until succumbing to it at age 16.  Her story, and that of her father James Sakoietah Gray who was torn between supporting his daughter and defending himself in a criminal case regarding an Indian casino, was movingly documented in […]

Oregon Flag Registry Update

from Vexilloid Tabloid #53 The Oregon Flag Registry is an ongoing project by the PFA to document the flags of all Oregon tribes, counties, cities, and other flag-using entities.  Current status: Total Prospects Identified: 118 Total Entries Assigned: 32 Total Entries Completed:16 The Registry is online at oregonflagregistry.org.  Contact Scott Mainwaring to join the team:  info […]

The Clatsop-Nehalem Flag

The Clatsop-Nehalem are an unrecognized confederation of Native Americans in Oregon with a truly striking flag. According to its designer, Mark Scovell (son of tribal chief Joe Scovell): The circular design of the yellow touches all of the other colors because it represents the Creator whose presence relates to all of life.  The red represents blood […]