Vexilloid Tabloid #57

The April edition of our newsletter is out early, featuring  an insightful article political science professor and psephologist Erik Herron on last year’s referendum in New Zealand. (That vote determined the design that Kiwis are deciding this month whether to adopt as their new national flag.) Contents for Vexilloid Tabloid #57: Introduction: Psephology and NZ; Mississippi (Ted Kaye) How […]

South Bend, Indiana Has a Great New Flag

As we reported last October, in honor of the city’s sesquicentennial, the SB150 Committee hosted a public contest at the beginning of a carefully designed process to design a new city flag for South Bend, Indiana. After selecting three finalists, gathering public feedback, and creating a composite design, the city’s elected officials today revealed the final result: […]

Changing The Other Portland’s Flag

As every Oregonian Portlander knows, our city name was the result of 1845 coin tosses between two founders from New England, a Bostonian and a Portlander.  So it is with special interest that we see that our namesake city has now joined the long list of US cities in which vexillonaires are trying to improve the […]

Simplifying El Paso’s flag

Upon hearing Roman Mars repeat Ted Kaye’s dictum In every bad flag there’s a good flag trying to get out,  James Reyes decided to simplify the flag of his hometown, El Paso, Texas, from this: to this: Adding to the list of city flag improvement efforts underway in the US he began lobbying for a […]

Mississippi Flag Initiatives

Last November we wrote about the Flag for All Mississippians Coalition ( and contentious efforts underway in the Magnolia State to change the current state flag, the only state flag to include the Confederate battle flag.  Here is an update. The NewMSFlag people are currently collecting signatures to qualify The Flag for All Mississippians Act​ as Initiative […]

The Mere-Exposure Effect

by Ted Kaye, Vexilloid Tabloid #56 The mere–exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon by which people tend to develop a preference for things merely because they are familiar with them.  In social psychology, this effect is sometimes called the “familiarity principle”. I recently learned of this term, and the concept which it describes.  It puts […]

Have an Idea for a D&D Flag?

Alas, no, not a flag for Dungeons & Dragons: rather, a flag for the twin Scottish villages of Denny (pop. 8000) and Dunipace (pop. 2500). The River Carron — which might be the “River Itys” described in Ptolemy’s Geography in the 2nd century — separates the two. Deadline for submissions is February 17, 2016.  For instructions and details, download the […]

New Zealand Seeking an Emblem

Tim Kerr sent us his essay regarding New Zealand’s flag change referendums, Seeking an Emblem: Observations on the Tradition of the New Zealand Ensign. Though we are not endorsing it nor verifying its accuracy, it is interesting and timely so we are republishing it here for general vexillological discussion. About the author Tim Kerr has written articles […]

US State Flag Devolution

The US is not known for the overall design quality of its state flags, with many being uninspired, easily confusable “seal on a bedsheet” designs.  Yet changing a state flag in order to improve its basic design is a very difficult task, so difficult there is only one good example: Colorado. This is not to say that […]