A May Flag

Cape May County, New Jersey, that is.

Flag of Cape May County, New Jersey.
Flag of Cape May County, New Jersey.

Here’s what the county’s web site says:

In 1955, a contest was held by the high schools of Cape May County to design an official county flag.  The entries were submitted to the Board of Chosen Freeholders and the County Librarian and the top three winning designs were given to a commercial artist.  Under the direction of the Board of Chosen Freeholders and the County Librarian, the present county flag was designed and finally completed.

The flag is made up of a holly tree, adopted by resolution as the official tree of Cape May County, at the base of the County Seal; a gull perched above and on top of the seal; and the county incorporation date of 1692.  Colors of the flag are red, navy blue; gull and holly tree background white; with the rest being done in gold and contrasting colors.

The Minutes reflect that on October 1, 1957, the flag had been purchased and was now on display at the front of the Freeholders’ meeting room.  As reported in 1969, the county flag had been loaned on occasion to various civic organizations and schools for display.

Today, the flag is flown along with the national flag at most county buildings and is on display in the Freeholders’ offices, meeting rooms and the offices of the county department heads.

What’s a Chosen Freeholder?  It’s a New Jersey thing.

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