Flags in The Force Awakens

Flags make a couple of brief appearances in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. One is in this scene that draws upon the Nuremberg rally imagery from Lene Riefenstahl’s infamous Nazi propaganda film, 1935’s Triumph of the Will: The flag in the background belongs to the First Order, featuring its emblem of 16 bars radially arranged within […]

More Star Wars Fan Flags

Scott Kelly isn’t the only Star Wars fan who has been hard at work designing flags.  This month’s flag design contest in Reddit’s /r/vexillology community had this prompt: It is a period of flag design. Aspiring vexillographers, illustrating from around the world, have won victories throughout the year. During this month, your task is to […]

Flags of the (Star Wars) Galaxy

Earlier in the year we wished May the Fourth Be With You, and now for some reason Star Wars flags are back on our minds… London-based New Zealander Scott Kelly’s labor of love — to design a flag for the “around 300 planets named over all of the Star Wars universe, from movies to comic […]

May the Fourth Be With You

Happy Star Wars Day! The caption for this reads: This photograph from what is estimated to be 1944 supports the previous evidence we’ve presented of Imperial involvement in earth’s conflicts. These soldiers atop a conquored building are securing a flag bearing a modified Imperial symbol. Rumors exist of AT-ATs and AT-STs marching all over eastern Europe during World War […]