Republic Day in India

India just finished celebrating Republic Day, commemorating the establishment of their constitution on January 26, 1950.  Here is a sampling of patriotic images from the twittersphere drawing upon the Indian flag.

Lots of flags in silhouette against the Ashoka Chakra rising from horizon. From @ExcitingIndia.
A vegetarian tricolor. From @vijaysharma1620.
An orange hand placing the Ashoka Chakra onto a green hand. From @SachinTater.
The Ashoka Chakra appears, but only as one of many mostly religious symbols making up a map of India. From @RujutaDiwekar.
The Times of India goes with an image of boys parading through a field of flowers, holding progressively smaller flags above their heads. From @timesofindia.
Flying doves carry Ashoka Chakras between their wings as they are abstracted into a stylized tricolor. The quotation is often attributed to Mahatma Ghandi, though it may have originated with the American Quaker activist A. J. Muste. From @naqvimukhtar.

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