Vexilloid Tabloid #35

Check out the latest issue (#35) of The Vexilloid Tabloid to learn about:

  • Turn-of-the-century “Yiddish Flag” Protest (Patrick Genna)
  • Elmer’s Flag and Banner in the Oregonian
  • Flag Retirement Ceremony
  • Mystery Flags

and as always the “What’s that Flag?” (from quizmasterMax Liberman), and notes from our last meeting.

Click here for this latest issue (PDF, 2.5MB), or see for access to this and all previous issues.

The offensive “Yiddish Flag” used in a 1908 vaudeville act in Waterbury, CT.
Michael Orelove joins another local veteran at a Memorial Day flag retirement ceremony.
Wall Street Journal illustration for 3/13/12 Opinion piece on California’s state finances and tax policy.
Fred Paltridge considers flags for his wedding procession.

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