Vexilloid Tabloid #34

The future is here: It may only be May, but The Vexilloid Tabloid #34, June 2012,  is available now!  Featuring:

  • South Dakota Proposal (Patrick Genna)
  • Mystery Flag (Michael Orelove)
  • Portland Cheers

and as always the “What’s that Flag?” or, in this issue’s version, “What’s that Roundel?” quiz (from quizmaster Max Liberman), and notes from our last meeting.

Click here for this latest issue (PDF, 2.9MB), or see for access to this and all previous issues.

Proposed flag for South Dakota, by Patrick Genna and Michael Rudolf.
Astronomer Michael Orelove, seeking flags related to objects in the solar system, displays his latest prize.
When Michael Orelove had more hair and a moustache, he apparently once resembled Albert Einstein. Michael’s brother recently sent him this image of a cigar band, with two flags. Question: is the flag on the left a crudely-drawn Confederate Battle Flag (ensign), or is it something else?
David Anchel describes seeing the flag that cradled President Lincoln’s head on April 14, 1865.

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