Brendan Patrick Hennessy’s Flog

Torontonian Brendan Patrick Hennessy blogs about flags on a site named, appropriately enough, Flag Log.  He writes: Flag Log is a blog about flags (or “flog”). Come to this flog if you want to see a bunch of cool pictures of flags. More than just a bunch of cool pictures, it is actually quite a treasure […]

Playing with the Oregon Flag

Compared to the endless variations people have created based on the California state flag, the Oregon state flag has for the most part been ignored.  We’ve come across these examples — do you know of others? The first two are from Maddish‘s blog, The Voice of Vexillology, Flags & Heraldry, in an interesting 2010 posting entitled British Columbia […]

Douglas-fir Flags

The magnificent Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) is, after the coast redwood, North America’s second-tallest tree, reaching heights of 300 feet or more. Found throughout the wetter parts of Cascadia, it was declared the State Tree of Oregon in 1939 and has appeared on Oregon’s passenger car license plates since 1988. In designing a flag for Cascadia, […]

Randall Gray’s Flag for Oregon

By Ted Kaye; revised by Scott Mainwaring Originally published in The Vexilloid Tabloid #30, October 2011 The PFA has honored Randall Gray of West Linn for his re-design of the Oregon State Flag, which received the most votes in The Oregonian‘s contest in 2008-09. In a celebration hosted in February by Mike Hale at Elmer’s Flag & Banner, […]

Half the Oregon flag on a stamp

There was a ceremony in Salem today to announce a new USPS stamp featuring the Oregon state flag. (Actually, only one side of the state flag — the obverse — leaving what some would argue is the better side hidden.) See: Elida S. Perez, “Oregon state flag is featured in latest Forever stamp”, Salem Statesman […]