How Roman Mars Brought Vexillology to the Public

Vexillology may have more fame as an answer to a trivia question than as an serious topic of conversation, but Roman Mars is changing that.  In May we reported on the release, on and YouTube, of the video of his March 2015 TED Talk. On it's titled Why city flags may be the worst-designed thing… Continue reading How Roman Mars Brought Vexillology to the Public

Brendan Patrick Hennessy’s Flog

Torontonian Brendan Patrick Hennessy blogs about flags on a site named, appropriately enough, Flag Log.  He writes: Flag Log is a blog about flags (or “flog”). Come to this flog if you want to see a bunch of cool pictures of flags. More than just a bunch of cool pictures, it is actually quite a treasure… Continue reading Brendan Patrick Hennessy’s Flog

Shahee Ilyas’ Flags by Colors Game

This is so cool!  Can you guess which flag is which just by the colors and their proportion? Visit to use the interactive version, or to buy a poster version.  Nice work! Attribution: 2007 Shahee Ilyas | This work by Shahee Ilyas is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. Special thanks to Ayesh.… Continue reading Shahee Ilyas’ Flags by Colors Game

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How did Portland get such a nice flag?

Our very own Ted Kaye sat down with popular design podcaster Roman Mars to talk flag design and tell the story of the Portland flag: how a good design was botched by bureaucrats, and many years later -- with some activist vexillology on the part of its designer Douglas Lynch and the PFA -- ultimately restored.  For this work, Lynch received… Continue reading How did Portland get such a nice flag?