Republic Day in India

India just finished celebrating Republic Day, commemorating the establishment of their constitution on January 26, 1950.  Here is a sampling of patriotic images from the twittersphere drawing upon the Indian flag.

The Israel Flag at the Speed of Light

Posted to the Flag Art group on Facebook by Bill Trinkle. The website Artspace says about this artwork: About the work The Israel Flag at the Speed of Light highlights Rosenquist’s interest in taking familiar signifiers and removing them from their expected context. This work features an image of the Israeli flag deconstructed and then pieced […]

The Flags of Our Children

Carlos Fort Garcia is a “graphic designer and graphic activist” living in Barcelona, and author of a highly imaginative and playful vexillolographic project entitled Las Banderas de Nuestros Hijos: Deconstruvendo Banderas (The Flags of Our Children: Deconstructing Flags). The project text is in Spanish, and my Spanish, alas, is very rusty, so I am sure I […]

What is the Most Patriotic Color?

…asked Time Magazine in its “Answers Issue”, Sept. 8–15, 2014. After downloading images of 196 national flag from, Time added up the number of pixels of each color, simplified them, and grouped them into categories of white, black, red, blue, green, and yellow using a simple algorithm. Time thus determined the frequency of colors […]

Bastille Day and the Drapeau Francaise

By Patrick Genna In 1991, I took my first trip to Paris. Before leaving, I had memorized 25 key French phrases. But once there I rarely used any of them as I was too intimidated to ask: “ou est le toilette?” Say something in French and you get a reply with comments that you can’t […]