Vexillonairing in Coos Bay

By Scott Mainwaring and Ted Kaye, based on reporting by Devan Patel and Tim Novotny in the Coos Bay World Vexillonnaires in Coos Bay, on the southern Oregon coast, have prompted the redesign of a prominent flag display along the city's waterfront. In 1991 residents wanting to “spruce up” Coos Bay convinced the city to fly flags representing… Continue reading Vexillonairing in Coos Bay

Ted Kaye on the air

Your loquacious Vexilloid Tabloid editor has recently been interviewed on Slate (Mike Pesca’s podcast “The Gist”); 99% Invisible (the “tiny radio show about design” by Roman Mars); and National Public Radio's All Things Considered (“What does its chosen banner say about ISIS”).  In the interviews he discussed the flags of the UK (after Scotland...), New Zealand, Ukraine… Continue reading Ted Kaye on the air

Flag Wrapping Paper

Ted Kaye reporting on PFA's last meeting in VexTab #49: David Koski is experimenting with repeating designs derived from flag images, using various transformative algorithms.  Every one is based on a component of the full flag.  Here are examples based on the United States flag.  David has also developed versions based on the Union Jack… Continue reading Flag Wrapping Paper

San Francisco’s Hayes Valley Flag Wall

More from Bay Area Flag Report by Ted Kaye, in VexTab #49: In San Francisco’s Hayes Valley neighborhood, Joe Theisen spruced up his building at 540 Laguna St. with 33 holes in the façade and first famously displayed the flags of all 2014 World Cup countries (plus Ireland).  In September new flags went up. Now… Continue reading San Francisco’s Hayes Valley Flag Wall

What is the Most Patriotic Color?

...asked Time Magazine in its “Answers Issue”, Sept. 8–15, 2014. After downloading images of 196 national flag from, Time added up the number of pixels of each color, simplified them, and grouped them into categories of white, black, red, blue, green, and yellow using a simple algorithm. Time thus determined the frequency of colors… Continue reading What is the Most Patriotic Color?

The Vexilloid Tabloid for December 2014

The December Issue (#49) of the Vexilloid Tabloid features: The PFA Turns 20 (Ted Kaye and John Hood) Bay Area Flag Report (Ted Kaye) Flag Wrapping Paper (David Koski) You'll also find a “What’s that Flag?” quiz from David Ferriday, notes from the November PFA meeting hosted by Michael Orelove, and other items of vexillological interest. Past issues of the Vexilloid… Continue reading The Vexilloid Tabloid for December 2014