New Wave: Facts About Flags [book review]

By Ted Kaye Originally published in The Vexilloid Tabloid #31, December 2011 Many of us like to give flag books as gifts to those who don’t yet fully understand why flags appeal to us.  Here’s one that merits a place in the “present drawer”. New Wave is not the typical flag book—a compilation of flags of the world… Continue reading New Wave: Facts About Flags [book review]

The Flags of Our Children

Carlos Fort Garcia is a "graphic designer and graphic activist" living in Barcelona, and author of a highly imaginative and playful vexillolographic project entitled Las Banderas de Nuestros Hijos: Deconstruvendo Banderas (The Flags of Our Children: Deconstructing Flags). The project text is in Spanish, and my Spanish, alas, is very rusty, so I am sure I… Continue reading The Flags of Our Children