The Ieweras Gray Women’s Warrior Flag

Women's Warrior Flag, designed in honor of Ieweras Gray.
Women’s Warrior Flag, designed in honor of Ieweras Gray.

Ieweras Gray (1998-2014) was a Mohawk girl who was diagnosed with leukemia at age six, battling the cancer until succumbing to it at age 16.  Her story, and that of her father James Sakoietah Gray who was torn between supporting his daughter and defending himself in a criminal case regarding an Indian casino, was movingly documented in She brings the thunder by Jorge Barrera (APTN National News, 20 April 2015).  He quotes Sakoietah:

The Woman’s Warrior Flag was developed to honour Ieweras Gray and to bring strength to all women of the world for their voices to be heard once again. For the women are the protectors of the lands, they will stand strong and proud.

Ieweras means “she helps bring the thunder and lightning” — a warrior’s name given to her because she was born during a thunderstorm in Cornwall, Ontario.  The thunderbolt earring shown on the flag references this.

The  Mohawk Warrior Flag, designed by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.
The Mohawk Warrior Flag, designed by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.

The flag is a variant of the flag of the Mohawk Warrior Society, one of a series of flags designed by the artist Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.  Other flags in the series include the “Indian Flag” showing a “long haired indigenous person,” and versions showing both a man and a woman.

The Indian Flag, a poster
The Indian Flag, a poster by Louis Karoniaktajeh Hall.

The Women’s Warrior Flag has been adopted by the Ieweras Gray Foundation, which sells the flag in its online store and publishes a feed on Instagram of photographs it has been sent showing the flag in various contexts, including MMIW (Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women) protests.






Ieweras Gray

2 thoughts on “The Ieweras Gray Women’s Warrior Flag”

  1. It touches my heart that your dream came true. With your desire to be on the front lines to help the women show there strength and I know just the love and beliefs of your Iove of your peoples that we will stand proud and strong for our mother earth. That our daughters flag will fly strong
    in the winds for the women that make a stand for there original beliefs..We love you Ieweras gray from James & Darlene Gray and your brothers and we know Mitch is right by your side

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