Vexilloid Tabloid #72

It’s October, which means the latest issue of our newsletter is here for your vexillological pleasure.  It features:

  • Mississippi Furling (Ted Kaye)
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma Adopts a New Flag
  • Vexiday: The Third World Vexillology Day in Portland (Scott Mainwaring)
  • De gustibus non est disputandum (Carl Gurtman)
  • The 2018 Gresham Teddy Bear Parade (Michael Orelove)

And, as always highlights from our last meeting, a roundup of flag news and notes, sightings of the Portland city flag, and the What’s That Flag quiz.  (This issue’s quizmaster: Ted Kaye!)

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3 thoughts on “Vexilloid Tabloid #72”

  1. The flag looks nice. It reminds me of another attempted flag switch from early 2000’s . I don’t agree with the creators comments . She’s a progressive ( Bullying ) pushing that stuff. Why does anyone need a to tear down one flag to bring on a new one? Just fly it talk it up time & free market will decide what the people want . Never bully others to give up there flag. Flags mean what ever to each Man or Woman and so on. Never mind Official declarations about flags exercise freedom .

    1. The free market is never going to stand up for the rights of minorities. When dealing with a flag like Mississippi’s, that symbolizes to many white supremacy, it’s the thoughts and feelings of minorities that are the crux of the debate.

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