Popular Posts for July 2015

Here are our 10 most-viewed* blog posts last month:

  1. Flag_of_Fiji.svg / 23 Finalists for New Fiji Flag (2,941 views)
  2. Simon the Cannibal / The Vexillogicast (382 views)
  3. Monochrome_Rebel_Flag / Hip Hop and the Confederate Flag (324 views)
  4. New Zealand parody flag submission: Beautiful Beige / Documenting the Redesign of the New Zealand Flag (112 views)
  5. 1936327 / Mexican-American Flags (112 views)
  6. Cannonsflagchart2 / Need More Confederate Flag News and Commentary? (87 views)
  7. Andy Warhol, Andy Warhol and American Flag, 1983, Unikat, Vintage Gelatine Silver Print, 20,3 x 25,4 cm, Courtesy Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Schweiz © Foto: Galerie Bruno Bischofberger, Schweiz © 2014, The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc., New York; Bildrecht, Wien / Andy Warhol and the American Flag (75 views)
  8. pink-1998.1.2502.2 / Andy Warhol, NASA, and the Making of “Moonwalk” (72 views)
  9. mgk-raisetheflag-still2 / Machine Gun Kelly: Raise the Flag (68 views)
  10. The 33-star flag adopted 4 July 1859, acknowledging the admission of the finest of the 50 states to the union. / Happy Birthday, 25 of America’s 28 Flags (49 views)

* excluding the number of times a post was viewed when it was on our homepage, which got 1,039 views in July.

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