Showgirls Present Interstate 11 Flag

Highways often have logos, but they seldom (if ever?) have flags. On April 6 there was a sighting of this rare beast at a groundbreaking for Interstate 11 in Nevada attended by the governor, both US senators, and other officials. I-11 will bypass Boulder City, providing a faster link between Las Vegas and Phoenix. Las Vegas showgirls led the delegation to the stage, and then presented a large white flag charged with the I-11 shield.

Alas, given the apparently sizable budget for the event (and the massive construction project), the flag is unimaginative. Half the time it’s illegible, as in the picture below, reading “ETATSRETNI”.

From Las Vegas reporter Patrick Walker: #I11 flag presented by showgirls while ‘Home Is Nevada’ is sung #8NN

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