North American Flag?

by Michael Orelove, Vexilloid Tabloid #53 If Canada, the United States, and Mexico were to join to form a North American Union, what would the resulting flag look like? Mike Hale, the former owner of Elmer’s Flag and Banner, put this flag together for me. Residents of each country can easily recognize the color and […]

Happy Birthday, 25 of America’s 28 Flags

According to the Flag Act of 1818, when new states are added to the union, corresponding stars are added to the flag on the following Fourth of July.  So July 4th is not just the birthday of the US, but also of the 25 flags it has used since 1818.  Here are some notable examples:

New Glory

The Flags of the World database has this to say about this flag: These flags were a regular production item at the Paramount Flag Co. before 1978 and the subsequent adoption of the rainbow as a symbol of Gay Pride. It was popular with the “Rainbow Children” and other similar counter culture groups. It still […]

Obama Proclaims Flag Day 2015

As every president since Harry S Truman has done each year, at the request of Congress, yesterday Barack Obama proclaimed June 14 to be Flag Day. For more than 200 years, the American flag has been a proud symbol of the people of our Nation and the values for which we stand. In hues of […]

37,000 Flags on the Boston Common

Since 2009, every Memorial Day weekend volunteers for the Massachusetts Military Heroes Fund plant a “memorial garden” of small US flags around the Soldiers and Sailors Monument on the Boston Common.  Each represents a Massachusetts life lost in military service. The Fund was formed with the help of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and local families […]

The Shrillest Flag Art on Tumblr

shrill_eflags is a Tumblr feed documenting the many uses of the US flag in (non-folk) art, ranging from gallery installations to documentary photography.  The archives start in January of this year and @theshrillest (aka Shrill Cosby) has been posting over 60 times each month since then. It is dazzling to see all the many ways the US […]

Andy Warhol and the American Flag

Yesterday we looked at Warhol’s iconic screen print Moonwalk.  Here are some more examples of artwork connecting Andy Warhol and the American flag. From Warhol/Basquiat at Kunstforum Wien 16.10.2013-02.02.2014 From Christie’s Auction February 2013 From Karen Bystedt – The Lost Warhols (2013) in Paraphilia Magazine and Livefast Magazine Alberto Schommer

Andy Warhol, NASA, and the Making of “Moonwalk”

Moonwalk is one of Andy Warhol’s last works, produced shortly before his death in 1987 and never signed.  There are two regular edition versions, one in yellow, one in pink. There were also 66 trial proofs, each unique. One example: It is easy to think that this is Warhol drawing and painting over a famous NASA photograph […]


Flosstradamus is a highly vexilliferous Trap music duo from Chicago with followers who deem themselves HDYNATION (Hoodie Nation, after the DJs’ 2011 decision to rebrand their look by wearing black hoodies and sweatpants).  The HDYNATION flag is a black-and-white version of the US flag with the stars replaced by a “general warning” sign comprising an exclamation point within a triangle. […]

Mexican-American Flags

Today is Cinco de Mayo, a Mexican holiday that is celebrated more in the United States than in its country of origin: a Mexican-American holiday more than either a Mexican or American one.  How can Mexican-American-ness be expressed through flags?  Most commonly, of course, the Mexican flag is used for this purpose, often in conjunction with […]